Refunds / Exchanges

Nashville Vapor strongly believes in customer satisfaction. We also know that there are millions of vapers and millions of different tastes, as much as we'd like 100% satisfaction, it is not something that we can guarantee. As such, we are not able to accept returns for our e-liquids. We have a limited  30-day return policy regarding our devices and starter kits which covers any manufacturer defects or DOA's.

Due to hygienic standards and personal taste preferences, drip tips and e-liquids are never covered by our warranty.

Items that are included in warranty:

Starter kits
Parts and Accessories

Items that are NOT covered by warranty:

Atomizers and Cartomizers- (unless they are received DOA)
Drip Tips
External Batteries (18650s,18350s,26650s etc.)

Above all else we always want to do the right thing for our customers, so if you feel you have a situation which demands a return or a refund, then please contact us as and we will probably agree! We are very reasonable and will always try to work it out in the best interest of you, our customer. You may request that we look into any issues you may have by sending an email to (or give us a ring at 615-454-2471) with specific details as to your issue and requested resolution.